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Shared Maternity Care is offered at South Yarra Clinic by Dr Hema John, who is an accredited Shared Care affiliate as well as earning her Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

With shared maternity care, the Women's Hospital and Dr Hema John ‘share your care’ during your pregnancy. For most of your routine pregnancy appointments you will see Dr Hema John and you will also have some appointments at the Women's. Appointments will be bulk billed for Medicare card holders. Shared care is a popular choice for healthy women with a normal pregnancy.

In choosing shared care you:
»»have most of your care close to your home or work
»»build a relationship with your doctor and continue to see them after your baby is born
»»have fewer hospital visits.

When you start shared care, the Shared Care Coordinator will provide you with a folder containing:
»» your pregnancy record
»» the appointment details of your hospital visits
»»a schedule of visits for your pregnancy care
»» forms for routine tests to be done at the Women’s
»» forms for your 26-27 weeks diabetes test and others tests to be done in the community.

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