Donna Cotton SRN

Donna is an imperative member of the Australian Cosmetic Institute and has been working alongside Dr. Goldbaum for over 10 years as a Clinical Nurse Consultant. She is a registered nurse with over 35 years experience in the health profession in a wide variety of roles. As a proud New Zealander, she began her career nursing in the South Island Prisons as a Regional Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor. Donna nursed in the prison for over 10 years gaining invaluable experience in working with some of the most difficult characters. After moving to Melbourne in 2007, she joined Dr. Goldbaum as a Cosmetic Surgery Consultant and Cosmetic Injector Specialist at Liposuction Australia, Australian Cosmetic Institute’s sister clinic that specializes in Liposuction. Donna is an exceptional member of the ACI team who is much loved and praised by all of her patients. She has the ability to build rapport quickly and ensure they feel comfortable and at ease from the get go. Owning a vast amount of knowledge on liposuction and cosmetic options, she is always happy to hold complimentary consultation for clients to answer any queries they may have. If you wish to have a consultation with Donna, please email us directly.